Emily Cordes Web Developer & Designer

I'm a freelance web developer and designer based in Sydney, Australia. I help entrepreneurs and creative business owners craft their own space online.



If you have found your way here, chances are you are looking for an elegant online home for your business or creative pursuits.

I love helping entrepreneurs and business owners plan and develop beautiful websites. It doesn't have to be a massive headache to design a space for your passion project - there are plenty of tools on the internet to help you simplify the process.

Since 2012, I have worked with busy, talented people to help them build their own sites, using a framework like Squarespace, Wordpress or Shopify, or to take the hassle off their hands and create it for them. I also do more complex development - building themes from scratch using PHP, HTML, SASS and Javascript - but honestly, most people setting up a business or launching a new project don't need the complexities of a custom build.

In 2009 I graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications, and a passion for online media. I taught myself to code after graduation, and went on to build blogs, portfolio sites and wordpress themes for friends. Eventually I turned this hobby into a freelance career in 2012. I would never have thought programming would appeal to me, but it is incredibly satisfying to see something through from idea to fully functional website.

Over the past four years I have grown weary of the usual web design business model. It can feel like the options are limited - either you muddle through on your own, teaching yourself enough to get a basic site up; or you pay thousands of dollars for someone like me to develop something elaborate and bespoke. There is a middle ground. When you work with me, you benefit from the depth of my knowledge and experience without paying for the time it takes to build a site from scratch. Instead, I use pre-made themes, customise them enough to reflect your personality or set your business apart, and bring the site to life in just 2-4 weeks!

Want to get to know me a little better? Alongside web development, I am currently back at university studying Exercise Physiology. Oh, and I also teach yoga and write a blog about meditation. Come say hi on Instagram or Twitter!

Work With Me

1 We will catch up over Skype, or a phone call to discuss exactly what you need and how you hope a website will help your business. This gives me an idea of our priorities, overall goals for the site and complexity of the build.

2I'll get back to you by email with my thoughts and an outline for the next few weeks. At this stage we will think about colours, typography and images - the look and feel you are after. We want to create a site that is easy to navigate but beautiful too.

3Build time is 2-4 weeks, with structured time for drafting and revision. I have carefully narrowed the scope of what I offer to make sure we both spend our time wisely, keeping the focus on creating a responsive site in minimal time with no fuss and within budget.

4We will catch up once more before the site goes live, so I can take you through how to access the backend of your chosen CMS and to make sure you're happy with what we have created together. Then we go live, and you can start sharing your URL with the world!


"Emily Cordes is an amazing web designer who understands the art and science of websites and gathering interest from users. I would absolute use Emily's services again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic website built by someone who is incredibly passionate about websites, delivering the absolute best to her clients and getting the job done ahead of time!"

~ Shivani Gopal, Founder, The Remarkable Woman

"Emily got our new website up and running within a day! I didn’t think it would be possible but she made it happen - and made it look easy. With her support I was able to learn from her and we can now maintain the basic elements of the website ourselves and Emily supports us with the more complex parts. We really value Emily’s knowledge and digital experience but it’s her proactive attitude and rapid response that we loved. We go the look and functionality we wanted and the whole process was fun rather than painful."

~ Jessica Hobson, General Manager, The Yoga Foundation

"Emily has completed websites for several clients - in corporate and hospitality - and she has been nothing but a pleasure; she's professional, incredibly fast, and intuitively able to understand what a client wants."

~ Wenee Yap, Co-Founder and Marketing Strategist, The Ducky Mafia